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Setouchi International Art Festival

19. July ~ 31. Oct

Seven Islands of the Seto Inland Sea + Takamatsu, Japan

From long ago the Seto Inland Sea has played an important role as a main artery of transportation. The inaugural 'Seto-uchi International Art Festival: 100-Day Art and Sea Adventure' is an event in which, guided by contemporary art, people can experience the healing landscape of the Seto Inland Sea and the lifestyles and cultures of the people of the islands. In Naoshima, Teshima, Megijima, Ogiji-ma, Shodoshima, Oshima, Inujima, and Takamatsu Port Area, the festival featured 75 Artists and Projects and 16 Events from 18 countries and Regions. President Keizo Hamada(Governor of Kagawa Prefecture), General Producer Soichiro Fukutake(President of the Naoshima Fukutake Art Museum Foundation) and General Director Fram Kitagawa(Art Director)

Especially, Chichu Museum, Minami Dera(Art House Project), Naoshima Bath 'I?Yu' and artworks in Ogijima and Inujima attracted people and received much attention. Participating artists in art projects includes Christian Boltanski, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Jose de Guimaraes, Mariko Mori, Noe Aoki, Olafur Eliasson, Pipilotti Rist, Shinji Ohmaki, Suh Do Ho, Tobias Rehberger, Takashi Imura, Tatsuo Kawaguchi and many others. Art works are located in Naoshima / Teshima / Megijima / Ogijima / Shodoshima / Oshima / Inujima / Takamatsu Port / Uno Port.

As a part of Art Setouchi, an international symposium explored the theme 'What is true cultural affluence in our society? -A new definition for the 21st Century' considering cultural diversity and regional characteristics. J. M. G. Le Cl럝io(author; 2008 Nobel laureate), Harold James (Princeton University) and others have participated.


YouTube Play. A Biennial of Creative Video

22~24. Oct

Guggenheim Museum in NY, USA

In 2009, the YouTube Symphony Orche-stra gave everyone with access to the Internet a chance to play in Carnegie Hall. YouTube gives every video creator a shot at international artistic recognition.

The Solomon R. Guggenheim Founda-tion, together with YouTube, announced the launch of 'YouTube Play: A Biennial of Creative Video' on 14th July. In collaboration with HP and Intel, YouTube Play discovered and showcased the most exceptional talent working in the ever-expanding realm of online video.

The YouTube Play jury included: performance artist and musician Laurie Anderson; filmmaker Darren Aronofsky; visual artists Douglas Gordon, Ryan McGinley, Marilyn Minter, and Takashi Murakami; artists and filmmakers Shirin Neshat and Apichatpong Weerasetha-kul; Guggenheim Chief Curator Nancy Spector and more artists.

The 125 shortlisted videos were chosen by the Guggenheim curatorial team and since Sep-tember 20, a shortlist of 125 videos was available to view at youtube. com/play and at kiosks in the Guggen-heim museums in New York City, Berlin, Bilbao, and Venice.

Selected from 23,358 online video submissions and 91 countries, the top 25 videos were announced at 21st October. The 25 videos were created by 39 video artists from 14 countries: Australia 1, Brazil 1, Canada 2, Chile 1, Czech Re-public 1, Denmark 1, England 2, France 1, Japan 1, The Netherlands 1, Northern Ireland 1, South Africa 2, South Korea 1, USA 9. The 25 jury selected videos opened to the public at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum from Oct 22 through 24 in the Tower 2 Gallery, with profiles of their creators in an adjoining HP+Intel Digital Gallery.


Murakami Versailles

14. Oct ~ 12. Dec

The Château de Versailles, Paris, France

In Versailles, formerly a 'field of experiments and a multidisciplinary laboratory' for the most audacious creations, notably during parties, ventured on an ambitious project or a risk to be taken. Following the sensational exhibition Jeff Koons Versailles in 2008, and the creation of site-specific works by Veilhan in 2009, it is now the turn of Takashi Murakami who is invited this year to present his work at Versailles.

Versailles has always brought together the greatest creative artists. Louis XIV brought Louis Le Vau, Jules Hardouin-Mansart, Robert de Cotte, Charles Le Brun, Moliere, Carlo Vigarini, Francois Francine and Gianlorenzo Bernini, who created great works here. It also have the masterpieces of such artists as Eugene Delacroix, Horace Vernet and Louis-Ernest Meissonnier.

The combination of his Murakami with that of the Chateau of Versailles results various discussions and opinions when it was unveiled. In spite of counter-arguments, Jean-Jacques Aillagon, president of the Etablissement public de musee et du domaine national de Versailles said 'Murakami is one of the most celebrated artists of our time. The masters of the past are able to enter into dialogue with those of the present, and vice versa. Versailles now wants to allow great artists of our own era to work at the locations under its care.' In the 15 rooms of the Chateau and in the gardens, Murakami presents 22 major works, of which 11 have been created exclusively for this exhibition, his first major retrospective in France. Among them: 7 sculptures(one is exposed outside), 1 animation, 1 painting, 1 carpet, and a collection of lamps.

Murakami said "It is likely that the Versailles of my imagination is one that my mind has exaggerated and transformed until it has become a kind of surreal world of its own. I am The Cheshire Cat who greets Alice in Wonderland with his devilish grin, and chatters on as she wanders around the Chateau."

The Water Parterre in the Garden, 568 height Oval Buddha is installed and in The King's Grand Apartment, three works are most noticeable. The Hercule Salon's Tongari-Kun, The Abundance Salon's Oval Buddha Silver and The Hall of Mirrors' Flower Matango(d).

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